Dear visitor,

Thank you for browsing the website of Space Weather Operations Office, if you arer interested in space weather data and products. The following website that can download these relevant information and products:

  1. Open Data-Central Weather Bureauopen_in_new
  2. CWB Taiwan Geophysical Database Management Systemopen_in_new
  3. Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC(FORMOSAT-3/7 RO Data)open_in_new
  4. Advanced Ionospheric Probe Science Data Centeropen_in_new
  5. MOST Taiwan Space Science Databse for Researchopen_in_new
  6. Space Weather Prediction Center, NOAAopen_in_new

If the data and products you need cannot be obtained through the above website, please E-Mail to us! We will reply as soon as possible with addtional information. Thank you.